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chapter 8

build with us

Here you’ll find out more about the team and partners involved in the Google News Initiative Design Accelerator as well as a list or resources to further your knowledge.



about us

The Google News Initiative Design Accelerator was only possible with the help and support of:

Google News Initiative

For initiating, coordinating and funding every aspect of the project.


Connect: Sheena Bhalla

Echos Innovation Lab

For bringing design thinking expertise, developing the project outline, facilitating workshops and design sprints and mentoring media partners.


Connect: Juliana ProserpioRicardo Ruffo

Splice Media

For bringing industry expertise, engaging media partners and helping to bridge the worlds of media and innovation.


Connect: Alan SoonRishad Patel



Thanks to all the following participants for making the GNI DA a great success!



Here are our resources. Use them, interrogate them, or teach them:

Design Thinking Toolkit, by Echos
Design the most amazing innovation journey for yourself, your organization and the society around you.
The Power of Design, by Echos
An Echos' 5-chapters series about how Design can create new realities and preferred futures.
Sprint Checklist, by Google
A basic DIY guide, including daily checklists and other resources.

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The future of journalism

depends on all of us working together.

Being Future Fit

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