This is where you get to create a desirable future for your organization and the news and media industry. Think of it as a toolkit to help you map out a future vision, with components from each section applying to different stages of your future growth.

We’ll begin by looking at establishing a strategic vision for three
to five years time and defining which new roles you’ll need to hire, systems to put in place, and workflows to adopt to get there. The immediate steps we have shared earlier, will help in taking the next steps to begin this journey.


value systems of

news and media



new workflows and







future roles

in media

The news and media landscape has shifted dramatically and as such,
news and media organizations need to redefine existing roles — as well
as bringing in new ones — in order to maintain their ability to bring desirable content to their audience. In this chapter you’ll see a list of roles and their related skill sets that will help set your organization up for future success.

top 5 skills sets:

1. Business Model Innovation Manager
2. Data Interpreter
3. Audience Representative

4. Digital Product Lead
5. Learning Experience Manager

“As more news organizations
do more with less, they must identify ways to fail smarter and prevent past failures from stifling the exploration of new ideas.”

Michael Grant

1. Business Model

Innovation Manager

2. Data Interpreter

3. Audience

4. Digital Product Lead

5. Learning Experience Manager

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